You need some practice to pronounce the name of this village. Kir-kiu-bay-yar-klaos-tur : that’s not so hard ! After crossing deserts, you are surprised to arrive in this green oasis.

« Kirkju » (church in english) was founded at VIIth century by irish priests and even had a convent at the XIIth. Just before the village, you can see Systrastapi, a huge stone block, tooth shaped. According to a tale, two sisters would have been burnt alive at this place.

The area is very quiet, with the cold waters of Skafta river. From Kirkju, a track goes through Medallandsandur. You better not drive it at the end of the day, as the lowering sun really blinds you, preventing from seeing rocks on the track. With only four farms on 70 km, it would be too bad having an accident. Only sheep or horses might help you...