You cannot visit Iceland without visiting Geysir. Located 60 km west to Reykjavik, the place is easy to find : huge vapor columns cast by the Strokkur Geysir are spottables from miles around.

The great thing to enjoy is watching the Geysir spit its smoke at 20 m skyward, every five minutes. Heat makes a bubble deep underwater and pressure keeps it in a fragile balance. The bubble grows and finishes by coming up to the surface and makes a geyser. To protect tourists, a perimeter has been defined with a metal string. This border is symbolic, as it would be nonsense to go under this boiling rain !

The place is very active for volcanoes. Around the geyser, there are many boiling water pools, very deep, and many boiling mud spots. The place is really fascinating but is also too much touristic : a camping, a gas station and a souvenir shop break the charmů