All tourists coming to Iceland land on Reykjanes peninsula as there is the only international
airport : Keflavik. Soon as you drive from the airport, you are striked by the moon landscape, made of volcanic rocks and grey mosses.
In the mountains is the Blue Lagoon, a place you have to visit. A geothermic powerplant, located just nearby, produces Reykjavik’s electricity. Water is draft deep in the ground and is 200° C hot. After processing, water is poored in the pool and is 37° C warm, which makes it suitable for a good bath. Minerals in the water give this amazing « milky blue » color.
Located a few miles away from the Blue Lagoon, Krisuvik takes you to another planet. Because of sulphur, ground goes red, green, grey, blue… Boiling mud shows that volcanism is very active in this area, as numerous smoke and gas do. To visit Krisuvik, you have to follow a marked path. Going off track can be dangerous and boards remind you that water is 200° C…